Juicing With Enzymes

bat guano

Found this tip on the HIGH Times website…

Juicing With Enzymes

Organ soil and fertilizer will always be the preferred method for growing great herb, but without aid they release vital nutrients slowly, which can really be a drag on your flowering time. The only way to maximize your fertilizer the all-natural way is the same way our own bodies swiftly break down food into usable minerals – enzymes. These are protein catalysts that speed up the decomposition process in organic matter, unlocking the stored molecules it contains. Bat guano, which is packed high with phosphorus due to the bat’s insect diet, also contains powerful enzymes to break it down quickly and prevent it from accumulating on the cave floor. Together they make a potent and fast-acting flower fertilizer. Sea bird poop is a cheaper and more sustainably harvested fertilizer with active enzymes. Psidocene, an enzyme and bio stimulant derived from seaweed, helps speed the recovery of transplanted and otherwise shocked plants.

– Ben Kind, former HIGH TIMES Cultivation Reporter

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