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Winners of the 3rd Annual DC Grower’s Cup

3rd Annual DC Grower’s Cup Winners
1st LA Cheese
2nd Guerrilla Glue #4
3rd Golden Strawberry
1st Cleo’s OG
2nd Samson’s Kush
3rd Cinex
1st Cleo’s Mango
2nd Grape Ape
3rd Double O Kush
Breeder’s Cup
1st Dosi Equis
2nd Bud .45
3rd Samson’s Kush
1st Dank Daiquiri Cups
2nd Buddery Bakes Chocolates
3rd Lavender Buds Chocolates
1st Tincture by Ms Dankness
2nd Farmer’s Choice Shatter
3rd Blue Magoo Activated Resin

Clone/Seed Giveaway at 3rd Annual DC Grower’s Cup!

We are elated to announce that this Grower’s Cup will feature exclusive genetics from two of our previous champions as giveaways to some lucky participants. JamMaster JP (two time winner) and Samson Paisley of MedMax Seeds (two time winner) will both provide exclusive genetics to lucky growers. Whether you are a novice or a veteran grower, you do not want to miss this opportunity to get some of the best genetics available in the entire country! These champions are leading the way in establishing Washington, DC as a cannabis destination.

Tickets available on EventBrite

How Do I Tell If My Plant Is Male? Female?

How Do I Tell If My Plant Is Male? Or Female?

How Do I Tell If My Plant Is Male? Or Female? Is probably the first question you think of when you are a beginner (AKA Newbie). When I began growing cannabis I researched this question (this was at a time where the internet was none existent). I found out my cannabis plant, that I grew from a regular seed in my best available weed could be either Male or Female and possibly Hermaphrodite (Herm). So, how do you tell the male from the female? Basically, a visual observation is the male has balls or a clump of bananas. The females tend to develop clusters that look like flowers. The male or female signs may take 7 to 14 days.
Male Flowering Plant
Flowering Male
From https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flowering_male_marijuana_plant.jpg

Female flowers
A Female Flower
From https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cannabis_flowering28.jpg

Cloning Tip

Purchase yourself a bottle of sparkling mineral water for your clones. Fresh cuttings off a mother plant crave the tiny carbonated bubbles and the essential minerals. Placing your fresh cuttings in a cup of mineral water before using your cloning solution will make your clones root faster and increase survival rates. Make sure you grab the unflavored sparkling water as its pure and clean. Bubbles are a happy sound to the plants and they will soon show their approval with quick abundant roots.

Juicing With Enzymes

bat guano

Found this tip on the HIGH Times website…

Juicing With Enzymes

Organ soil and fertilizer will always be the preferred method for growing great herb, but without aid they release vital nutrients slowly, which can really be a drag on your flowering time. The only way to maximize your fertilizer the all-natural way is the same way our own bodies swiftly break down food into usable minerals – enzymes. These are protein catalysts that speed up the decomposition process in organic matter, unlocking the stored molecules it contains. Bat guano, which is packed high with phosphorus due to the bat’s insect diet, also contains powerful enzymes to break it down quickly and prevent it from accumulating on the cave floor. Together they make a potent and fast-acting flower fertilizer. Sea bird poop is a cheaper and more sustainably harvested fertilizer with active enzymes. Psidocene, an enzyme and bio stimulant derived from seaweed, helps speed the recovery of transplanted and otherwise shocked plants.

– Ben Kind, former HIGH TIMES Cultivation Reporter

Grow Organically

As an experienced home grower, I have used a variety of mediums. I find that the use of organic soil and organic fertilizers produce the highest quality cannabis. I mix my soil with about 10-15 percent worm castings and I add about a teaspoon of nitrogen rich bat or seabird guano per gallon of soil. Around about the 3rd week of growth, I feed with a light to medium tea of nitrogen rich guano. When moving to bloom cycle I switch to a 40-60 ratio of nitrogen/phosphorus fertilizer tea for the first week or two before switching to 100% phosphorus rich for the remaining of the bloom cycle.

Capitol City Seeds!

Check out Capitol City Seeds! We are Washington, DC’s first cannabis seed bank. We proudly offer some of the best cannabis genetics available anywhere in the world. Our seeds are specifically cultivated to provide high grade marijuana for the home grower.