Grow Tips

1. Good weed starts with good seeds! You must carefully select the right genetics for your grow situation and preferences. The indoor/home grower must take many variables into account when selecting the strain(s) you would like to cultivate. Since I prefer sativa dominate strains, I have to make sure that my grow area has sufficient height to accommodate the tall sativa plants. Indica dominate plants are usually shorter and bushier (and as a rule tend to mature quicker). Whatever your preference, be sure to select strains that tend to be consistent in growth patterns, yield and potency. Also, if you can identify strains that have been cultivated for the indoor grower you will tend to get better results.

2. We suggest organic cultivation using soil.  A potted plant will only be as good as the soil in which it grows. That’s why selecting the right potting soil is so important. The key to selecting good soil is understanding the bag’s list of ingredients. The main ingredients in potting soil are sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite or perlite and aged compost products. Sphagnum peat moss is responsible for holding water in the soil. Perlite separates the fibers in the peat moss so the soil is more porous. Vermiculite has the same function but holds more water than perlite. Compost adds nutrients to the soil and the best quality compost is made from aged forest products.

You should also beef up your soil by adding worm castings (10%-20%) and small amounts of organic fertilizer (grow formula) such as bat or seabird guano, fish emulsion or some other organic nitrogen rich source.

Check out our partner for tips on securing the right genetics for your home grow!